PR No.179 1mwp Solar Power Plant In Captive Mode At Wah Nobel Chemicals Ltd, Wah Cantt Was Inaugurated By Hon’ble Federal Minister Rana Tanveer Hussain Islamabad

Another milestone in Pakistan’s renewable energy sector, the 1MWp Solar Power Plant has started generating electricity after its inauguration by Rana Tanveer Hussain, Minister for Defence Production on 23rd February 2016 at Wah Nobel Chemical ltd. It is the largest Solar Power Project in Captive Mode presently in Pakistan.

“This Landmark event is a milestone to achieve self-sufficiency in Energy Sector by tapping the Solar Power. The Project is amongst the largest in country in Captive Mode, beside supply of Green and Cheap Energy to Wah Nobel Chemicals Factory, it may act as a catalyst for Industrial and Corporate Sector. Hence I view it as a significant stride in the realm of Solar Energy in the Country,” said Rana Tanveer Hussain.

The 1MWp project demonstrates Wah Nobel Group’s commitment of adopting innovative technologies. While this mega project shall build Wah Nobel’s self-reliance in energy generation, it is also a leap forward to promote renewable energy solutions on an industrial scale. The expected first yield of 1533 MWH(1.53 M Units).Its performance ratio is more than 80%.The annual generation will be 1,533,000 KWH (Units).Its useful life is 25 years

1 MW Solar Power Plant in Captive Mode is indeed another landmark achieved by Wah Nobel and Wah Industries Ltd in the realm of Solar Power, besides producing clean/green energy will have catalytic effect and source of inspiration for the industrialists and entrepreneurs to undertake solar projects to meet their energy needs. After the installation of this solar project at least Rs.25 billion per year will be saved by Wah Nobel Group in this slot of energy.

Before this 1 MW Solar Power Plant, a 125 KW Solar Power Project served as the pilot project for Nobel Energy Ltd and was powering the Head office of Wah Nobel Group of Companies. The Project has been functional since 2nd June 2014. Nobel Energy Ltd is also actively working on 157 MW Madian Hydro Power Project on River Swat, 60kms upstream from Mingora.

This endeavor shall instill confidence into the people who have apprehensions regarding the utility of solar power projects. In fact, it will prove to be a role model for the industrialists to generate solar energy for their industries.