PR No.163 Islamabad

Ambassador Jalil Abbas Jilani conveyed the felicitation message of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to Professor Nergis Mavalvala at MIT, Boston on her outstanding achievement in the field of astrophysics. The Prime Minister offered his greetings to the Pakistani-American scientist for being a source of inspiration for Pakistani scientists and students, says a press release received here today from Washington DC.

In a congratulatory letter addressed to Professor Mavalvala, Ambassador Jilani expressed hope that her great contribution to the world of knowledge, particularly in the field of astrophysics, would have far-reaching implications for humankind.

He highlighted that the rare scientific breakthrough achieved by her was a source of encouragement for young women in Pakistan who were making gradual strides in all walks of life for realization of their dreams.

Ambassador Jilani also invited Professor Mavalvala to visit Pakistan’s premier science institutions and share her success story, which had led her to this eminent position. The Embassy intended to nominate Professor Nergis for a civil award to the distinguished scientist.

The whole Pakistani nation and the Pakistani-American community in the United States have also profusely acknowledged the spectacular discovery by a scientist of Pakistani origin.

Nergis Mavalvala is Curtis and Kathleen Marble Professor of Astrophysics and Associate Department Head of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. She was part of an international team of scientists who have detected gravitational waves, inaugurating a new and historic era of astronomy.