PR No.149 Islamabad

The Prime Minister has observed that the rescue services of Capital Development Authority (CDA) are only operating in the municipal limits of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) whereas provision of this facility to the population of areas outside the municipal limits is equally important.

The Prime Minister has, therefore, desired that CDA shall immediately undertake necessary expansion in the rescue services to ensure that the services are extended to the entire Islamabad Capital Territory. For this purpose CDA limits shall be deemed to be extended to the entire Islamabad Capital Territory with immediate effect.

The Prime Minister has also desired that the Chairman CDA shall immediately undertake a review of the current physical and human resources available for rescue services in consultation with Director General, Rescue 1122, Punjab Lahore and put up a comprehensive expansion plan to be implemented within the next three months positively, for the entire ICT areas. If required, the entire human resource of rescue services of CDA shall undergo a refresher course at Rescue 1122 Academy, Lahore, as a special package. Similarly, training of any fresh inductees shall also be organized through Rescue 1122 Academy, Lahore.