PR No. 117 Islamabad

”When it comes to Occupied Kashmir, the display of selective morality and standards by the international community puts to shame their bold claims of highest values and moral standards”, said Tariq Azim Khan, High Commissioner of Pakistan while speaking in a Conference organised by the Friends of Kashmir and the Canadian Council for Justice and Peace here today, says a press release received from Toronto here today.

He said that if referendum could be held in East Timor, South Sudan and even in Quebec province to ascertain wishes of the people then why not in Kashmir, which is the longstanding dispute on the agenda of the UN Security Council.


He added that during the past one year, according to local media 153 innocent persons have been brutally killed by the Indian occupational forces. The use of pellet guns has blinded hundreds of people and they are even denied medical aid, when they go to hospitals. He underlined that it’s our ethical moral and even legal duty to highlight the crimes being committed in Kashmir.


While speaking to the audience, Lord Nazir Ahmed said that besides killing of 153 people since Burhan Wani’s martyrdom, 20,000 young men and women have been injured during the last one year and 3000 young people have lost their eyes due to the use of pallet guns. He said that the Hindutva extremist Modi and other extremist Hindus are committing atrocities and they are equal to Daesh.


”These extremists have influence in the Western Capitals including Washington, London and Ottawa, obviously due to the trade linkages that these countries have with India”, he added.

On the request of the High Commissioner the participants observed one minute silence for the martyrs of Occupied Kashmir.