PR No.202 World T.B. Day On 24th March, 2016 Message By Prime Minister …..Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Islamabad: March 23, 2016

Pakistan has paid special attention to the prevention and control of TB through provision of free of cost TB diagnosis, treatment and pursuing rigorous community awareness programmes. Our endeavours for making Pakistan a progressive and developed country cannot succeed until we achieve a diseases-free society.
Currently, more than 300,000 TB patients are annually benefitting from free diagnostic and treatment facilities in the country. National Strategic Plan titled as “Vision 2020”, is designed for effective planning and implementation to combat TB, which is in line with global TB strategy beyond 2015.
Poverty is one of the major reasons for spread of this disease. The Prime Minister’s National Health Program is the Government’s landmark initiative to help the poor by providing free medical treatment. Millions of the poor patients, across the country, can benefit from the programme and get free treatment from both public and private sector hospitals.
I deeply commend the efforts of all those engaged in the fight against TB by spreading awareness in the rural and urban areas of the country. I also appreciate all the concerned departments and individuals engaged in this noble mission of combating TB from Pakistan. With our joint efforts, we can accomplish the target of “Zero TB Death” and thus achieve the national goal of ensuring a TB free Pakistan for coming generations.
I pray for the success of this noble initiative.

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