PR No. 104 Islamabad

An Iranian delegation led by Mr. Majid Arjooni, DG South East Railway Company, Iran met Ms. Parveen   Agha, Secretary, Ministry of Railways in Islamabad. Iranian side mentioned that Quetta Taftan section is an important section in ITI Container Train Corridor. This section must be given extra attention by Pakistan. It should be given priority in CPEC. All technical and mechanical issues of this section must be resolved as soon as possible.

Iran also reduced the transhipment cost for ITI Container Train at Zahidan station (Iran) .The proposed reduced costs of loaded container makes up 30 Euros and 10 Euros for empty container. Iran also highlighted the issue of container train’s doors welded instead of sealed. Pakistan acceded to the request of Iran to make doors of the Container Train sealed.

Quetta-Zahidan section is still operational, though barely. It is considered among the great Railways of the world because of its desert scenery which is unique for this part of Pakistan. A place where time stands still. This can also be judged from the fact there are only 14 Railway Stations in the last 553 km section of the track. The total length of track from Quetta to Zahidan is 732 km with the last 100 km section being inside Iran.