PR No.128 Balochistan Making Progress By Use Of “Supply Chains Technology” For Realistic Financing Islamabad: March 16, 2016

Since 2009, USAID is supporting the Government of Pakistan through John Snow Incorporated (JSI) implemented DELIVER project and providing technical and financial assistance in improving essential health commodity supply chains by strengthening logistics management information systems, streamlining warehousing and distribution systems and enhancing forecasting and procurement planning for the Federal and Provincial governments. In this connection a seminar was organized today by John Snow, Incorporation and DELIVER in the local hotel. It was a collaboration of USAID, Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations& Coordination and health and population departments of Government of Balochistan for dissemination of province specific Logistics & Supply Chain policy guidelines and manuals to the Department of Health and Population Welfare Department.

The ceremony was attended by senior officials from health, population and planning departments of the Government of Balochistan including Additional Secretary, Chief Planning Officer, Deputy Secretary, Ms. Monica Villanueva, Mr. Khalid Mehmood from USAID/Pakistan and Dr. Muhammad Tariq, Country Director, JSI/DELIVER project and his team members were present at the occasion.

In order to ensure sustainability of USAID supported Balochistan Logistics Management Information System (http://lmis.gov.pk) and contraceptive commodity availability, the Chief Minister Balochistan recently approved Rs. 359 million to meet the contraceptive requirements of 2015 – 2018 period. Similarly, PWD Balochistan financed Rs. 35 million. Responding to challenges relating to human resource capacity building of provincial government in the post devolution scenario especially Balochistan “Essential Medicines Lists” for primary and secondary level healthcare facilities; “Integrated Contraceptive Logistics Manual” and series of training manuals for improving capacity of Balochistan workforce with health and population departments.

The Country Director of JSI/ DELIVER Project, Dr. Muhammad Tariq applauded the leadership support of both Health and Population Welfare Departments of Balochistan for their immense contributions to design, development and implementation of logistics & supply chain interventions in the province of Balochistan. He said that although vLMIS has been deployed in nine Polio high-risk districts, however, MoNHSR&C, federal EPI, USAID, Gavi Alliance and the project are working closely to upscale vLMIS in the remaining 21 districts of the province.

He also said that project will continue providing technical assistance to strengthen procurement capacity in the remaining period.

Mr. Muhammad Asif, Deputy Secretary, Department of Health and Mr. Tariq Masud, Director (PMCT), Population Welfare Department, Government of Balochistan thanked USAID and JSI-DELIVER for their assisting reforms like LMIS, commodity support and capacity building of the officials of respective departments. Both the departments acknowledged the leadership support of Minister of State for National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Mrs. Saira Afzal Tarar and Federal Secretary Health Mr. Muhammad Ayub. They congratulated USAID and Dr. Tariq and his team for successful implementation of project supported activities and for providing technical assistance for developing these useful manuals which will remain a sustainable source of guidance for the procurement, storage and distribution of health commodities, ensuring stocks availability at primary and secondary level healthcare facilities across the province. Both departments committed for future coordination and proper utilization of guidelines and manuals at all levels of the supply chain for ensuring quality medicines and contraceptives for the general public of the province. The seminar ended with the vote to thanks to dignitaries from Balochistan and USAID.