PR No.44 Government For Increasing Efficiency And Effectiveness Of Revenue Collection Process Islamabad: March 5, 2016

Finance Minister, Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar has said that the government is continuously trying to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the revenue collection process and to make it taxpayer friendly, so that tax culture is promoted. He said that the Tax Reforms Commission (TRC) was set up with the aim of achieving this objective.

The Minister here on Saturday was addressing a meeting of the Implementation Committee which is entrusted with the task of implementing the reforms recommended by the Tax Reforms Commission.

The Minister said that unlike the past, where commissions and committees were established without any follow up on their findings and recommendations, the present Government is fully focused on implementation. It was for this reason that an Implementation Committee has been established, which includes private members as well. The Committee is responsible for implementation the agreed recommendations of the TRC and shall also decide on the schedule of implementation. He hoped that the hard work of TRC would go a long way in improving the taxation system, simplifying tax procedures and facilitating the tax payers.

The meeting on the occasion was given an overview of the plan envisaging to implement the TRC recommendations. It was noted that apart from other measures for broadening of tax base, the FBR also needed to expand its outreach and physical presence beyond the mega centers and major cities for generating better revenue. The meeting expressed the confidence that with implementation of the recommendations of the TRC there would be positive impact on revenue generation.