PR No.77 Islamabad

A US Energy expert delegation led by Mr. Jonathan Elkind Advisor to US Mission on Energy met Minister for Water and Power Khwaja Muhammad Asif in his office in Islamabad .

In the meeting areas of mutual interest and cooperation in the field of energy sector especially in energy conservation and renewable energy resources came under discussion.

It was apprised that Pakistan have a huge potential in solar , wind and biomass energy resources and US wants to share their best experiences with Pakistan to exploit these resources and harness the energy crisis the country is facing to.

The delegation gave a comprehensive briefing on energy efficiency and development of the power grid system in the country.

Highlighted the achievements made by the present government the Minister said that from the last three years things in energy sectors have been improved.

“During the last year Rs10 billions records savings by reducing line losses ,50% reduction in load shedding for domestic and zero load shedding for industries and reduction of the tariff are some of the worth mentioning achievements made by the government due to better management of the energy sector in the country “.he added.

The Minister said the Pakistan was looking forward the US investment in infrastructure and energy sector development and thanked the delegation for their keen interest in energy conservation and pin pointing of very acute problems facing to Pakistan in this regards.

Both the side agreed that they would continue their discussion and would share their expertise to help Pakistan in energy crises.

Mr David Hale, US ambassador to Pakistan, Mr Younas Dagha, Secretary and senior official of the ministry of water and power were also present in the meeting.