PR No.32 PEMRA Takes Notice Of Finance Minister’s Complaint Against Dr. Shahid masood Islamabad: March 4, 2016

PEMRA has taken notice of a complaint filed by Federal Finance Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar, through his Legal Counsel, against ARY News channel’s anchor Dr. Shahid Masood for airing defamatory program dated 19-2-2016 at 10.05 p.m.

In the Complaint, it has been alleged that Shahid Masood has conducted said programme with mala-fide and ulterior motive of attacking integrity and character with the knowledge and purpose that it made, the same would cause irreparable harm and damage to reputation of Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar domestically and internationally.

The statements of anchor have been claimed as utterly false and fabricated and present a totally fake and absolutely fictitious account of the facts, says the complaint. Thus action against ARY channel and it’s host Shahid Masood was requested under PEMRA laws and Code of Conduct.

Taking notice on this complaint according to the law, PEMRA has referred the matter to its Council of Complaints for further action.