PR No.251 Islamabad

European Commission has published its report on its GSP Scheme covering the period 2014-2015 (Calendar year). The report can be accessed at the following link:


The data in the report points to the fact that Pakistan has been able to reap more benefits than any other beneficiary of GSP+. According to the report Pakistan contributed to 70% of European Union’s total imports under GSP+ Scheme in 2014. As a result of these concessions Pakistan’s products have duty free access in 28 members of European Union.

The report gives comprehensive account of efforts both administrative and legislative, taken by the democratic Government of Pakistan in improving the conditions of human rights in Pakistan. It also highlights areas where European Commission assesses more needs to be done.

It notes with laudatory remarks setting up of National Human Rights Commission and draft National Action Plan for human rights, declining trend in child labour, the progress and efforts being made to address the issue of child labour.

The report expresses concern on high rate of executions as a result of lifting of moratorium on death penalty, secrecy of trials under military courts, vulnerability of journalists, lack of awareness in general about defences available to juvenile offenders etc.

However the report acknowledges extra ordinary circumstances being faced by Government of Pakistan in the wake of on-going war against terror. While the democratic Government of Pakistan is undertaking steps to fulfill its responsibilities under Constitution of Pakistan and its responsibilities arising out of Pakistan’s commitments under United Nations Conventions, Government of Pakistan shall continue to engage with European Union to explain these efforts in the context of our own peculiar circumstances.