PR No.240 Unhygienic Food Outlets/Restaurants Sealed In Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad

As per the directives of the Interior Minister, Islamabad administration today in its campaign against adulteration and sub-standard/ un hygienic food outlets Raided/ Inspected and sealed Street One Cafe, Gloria Jeans & Cordon Rouge Restaurant in Diplomatic enclave due to extremely unhygienic, unhealthy and storage of putrefied food items and expired bakery products to include cookies, cream and sausages.

Various other products displayed with expired dates. The sheffs and cooks preparing food with long dirty nails, without any head nets, safety gloves or safety shoes. Vaccination or medical fitness not done for few food handlers.

Open sale of Liquor at Cordon Rouge Restaurant, expired imported coffee at Gloria Jeans and expired Chicken/ meat products stored in freezers of street One cafe observed against the grave violation of health safety, hygiene laws and extremely detrimental for human consumption from health safety angle. Rusted utensils with heavy carbon accumulated and inadequate drainage arrangements causing stagnant water accumulation on floors. Samples of all expired food products obtained for chemical examination by NIH labs and expert opinion of Health and Food Nutritionist.

14 other outlets in the city checked and imposed fine, campaign against the filling stations is also continued

Deputy Commissioner Capt ® Mushtaq Ahmed said that the campaign against adulteration and sale of substandard/unhygienic food will continue without any discrimination and strict action would be taken against all those elements who put health of the citizens at risk. He said that Islamabad administration seeks active cooperation not only from the residents of the capital but also from the business community in its efforts to ensure availability of safe and hygienic food and outlets. Capt ® Mushtaq said that immediate and strict action would follow on citizens’ complaints. We strongly encourage the citizens and most importantly the business community to forge a robust partnership with the administration for the betterment of city, he continued.