PR No. 42

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) President H.E. Daurte Pacheco, today, paid a courtesy call on the Speaker of the National Assembly. During the meeting, both leaders discussed the role of parliamentary diplomacy in promoting peace and stability in the region, as well as the importance of strengthening inter-parliamentary cooperation. The Speaker stressed that inter-parliamentary cooperation was crucial in addressing global challenges, such as climate change, terrorism, and transnational crime. He emphasized the need for parliamentarians to work together across borders and political divides in order to find solutions to these complex and interconnected issues. The Speaker also expressed his appreciation for the IPU President, who always remained at the pole position to ensure continued engagement between the National Assembly and other IPU Member States. He noted that this relationship is key in ensuring that parliaments remains at the forefront of the global dialogue and action on democracy, peace, human rights, and sustainable development. H.E. Daurte Pacheco expressed his gratitude to the Speaker for his kind remarks. He also conveyed his deep condolences for the recent incident of terrorism in Peshawar and extended his sympathies to the families of the victims. He noted that terrorism remains a major challenge for the world and that it is important for parliamentarians to work together to find solutions for pressing issues of terrorism. The President assured the Speaker that the issue of terrorism would be included in the upcoming IPU conference agenda, and expressed the IPU's commitment to supporting efforts to combat this global threat. The Speaker appreciated the President's assurance and emphasized the importance of collective international efforts to combat terrorism. He stressed that only by working together can we hope to find lasting solutions to this complex and persistent problem. The meeting was a significant step forward in enhancing the already close relationship between the IPU and the National Assembly, and both leaders expressed their hope for continued cooperation in the future to develop a cleaner, greener, equitable, peaceful, and progressive world for all. *******************