PR No.276 Islamabad: January 30, 2017.

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Sardar Muhammad Yusuf has chaired a meeting to ensure implementation of unified timing of Azan and Prayer. It is pertaining to mentions that a 10 member committee comprising religious scholars in March 2015 had formulated a unified time frame and a calendar for Azan and Prayer in Federal Capital. It is further pointed out that 614 mosque out of 957 were already agreed and practicing on formulated calendar.


Minister has stated that a law would be specified for unified timing of Salat with the consultation of religious scholars in Federal region. For full promulgation of this law to achieve set goal, adding that we required support of religious scholars and he urged religious scholar to come forward to support the government to formulate such ordinance in accordance norms and injunctions of Islam which acceptable to religious scholars of all school of thoughts. He further said that religious scholar should play their  due role in this regard and assured government will provide its full support and vivify rules to enforced the law, committees would be formed in every sector of Islamabad to run the affairs of sanctuaries in affirmative manner.


Secretary, Additional Secretary of Religious Affairs, High officials of their related department and religious scholars of various schools of thought were present in the meeting.