PR No. 217
Islamabad: September 27, 2022

Pakistan remains committed to the goal of a nuclear weapons free world, achieved in a universal, verifiable and non-discriminatory manner, which assures undiminished security for all States, at the lowest possible level of armaments, as agreed by SSOD-I: Ambassador Munir Akram, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN At High-Level Plenary Meeting to Commemorate and Promote the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, says a press release received here today from New York. Nuclear disarmament needs to be pursued in a comprehensive and holistic manner, addressing regional and global challenges, and conventional and non-conventional asymmetries: Ambassador Munir Akram It is essential to recognize and address the key motivations that drive States to possess nuclear weapons: Ambassador Munir Akram Despite continuing provocations and threats, Pakistan remains committed to the goal of a peaceful and stable South Asia. Over two decades, Pakistan proposed a number of initiatives to promote peace and security and prevent the emergence of nuclear weapons in South Asia. Unfortunately, none of our proposals elicited a positive response: Ambassador Munir Akram In South Asia, nuclear weapons capability was introduced by one state in 1974. That state also initiated the South Asia nuclear weapons explosions in 1998. Pakistan was compelled to follow suit in order to restore strategic stability and deter the aggression with which Pakistan was threatened immediately after our neighbor’s nuclear weapons explosions of 11th May 1998. Following the South Asia nuclear tests, Pakistan proposed the establishment of a Strategic Restraint Regime (SRR) in South Asia. The SRR is premised on three interlocking and mutually reinforcing elements of conflict resolution, nuclear and missile restraint and conventional arms balance. The proposal remains on the table. Pakistan’s security policy continues to be defined by restraint and responsibility and avoidance of a mutually debilitating arms race in our region. Pakistan strongly supports all international efforts that seek to promote fair and equitable solutions to disarmament and non-proliferation challenges. Meaningful progress on nuclear disarmament can only be achieved by fulfillment of their obligations by the leading nuclear weapon States.