PR No. 101
Resolution adopted by women Parliamentary convention held in connection with Diamond Jubilee celebrations of 1st constituent Assembly at Parliament House Islamabad.
Islamabad: August 12, 2022

We the members of Women’s Parliamentary Caucus and representatives of political parties, participating in the Diamond Jubilee Convention of Women Parliamentarians organized by the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus held in the premises of Parliament of Pakistan, resolve on this day of August 12, 2022: Women’s illustrious contributions in the creation of Pakistan and its freedom struggle. Recall that the Constitution of Pakistan which recognizes Quran and Sunnah as the basic source of governance, provides women full rights, rejects all forms of discrimination, and promotes their full participation in public life under Articles 25, 34, 35 and 37 of the Constitution. Note that the National and International commitments of Government of Pakistan including the National Policy for the Development and Empowerment of Women (NPDEW) 2002, underscore attainment for women in the public and political spheres. Paying tribute to: All the women leaders of Pakistan particularly Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, Begum Ra’na Liaqat Ali and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto whose courage and exemplary contributions in public and political life have greatly inspired, built a sense of confidence and empowered the Pakistani women. Recognizing that: Pakistan ranks 145 out of 146 countries at recent Global Gender Gap Report covering the four critical areas: health and survival, education attainment, economic participation and opportunity, and political empowerment. ? Acknowledging that: Inclusiveness and representation of women and men in health, education, economy, and politics validates the foundations of democracy and renders legitimacy to it; We, Women Parliamentarians and political parties’ representatives in this Diamond Jubilee Convention, today therefore also resolve the following: - Commit to protecting and upholding women’s rights as enshrined in the Constitution and ensure that our respective party manifestos provide a central focus to women in party policy so as to ensure social political and economic empowerment of women; - Commit to practicing gender-sensitive budgeting and uplifting institutions working on women specific issues; - Commit to eradicate all forms of social, economic and political discrimination against women. For it we, as legislators, pledge to utilise our legislative authority; - Commit to ensuring opportunities for education of girls.