PR No. 153 Islamabad

Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman met with the Vice Chancellor, Professors, and Students of Sind Madrrasa tul Islam today.

Minister of State welcomed them all and said that he is glad to see all of them coming to Islamabad in pursuit of learning and exposure, as it boost up the moral and confidence of young guns.

Minister of State addressed the students in informal way and told them about the first transition of democracy and its benefits. He said that democracy is important as it makes the government not only answerable to Allah but the people as well. And we become more conscious about the honesty and integrity of any work that we do. He further added that by the grace of Allah Civil Military relations are stronger than ever, both are working together for the betterment of Pakistan. Our government has taken every stakeholder on board in each and every matter be it Karachi operation, or CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor), or National Action Plan, or Zarb e Azb. Because we believe in democracy and consultation in the matters of state, said the state minister. We have seen how civil and political leadership of all parties came together for the restoration of the judiciary. That shows how positive our country is and how sensible our people are.

Talking about the role of leadership, minister of state said all the students are leaders in their own capacity. Our religion teaches us to be tolerant and empathetic towards others that’s what makes us a good leader. My advice to the students is that whatever you do, do it with full devotion and commitment regardless of its outcome/result. Moreover he stressed upon the consistency of work instead of quantity of work, work hard and work continuously not for yourselves but for the country.

Minister of State told the students about the state of education in federal capital and told them about the 4Es (Education, Economy, Extremism, Energy) strategy of the present government. Talking about this strategy minister of state said that we have increased the funding of NACTA to 10 times more than what it was getting before. He also said that our relations with the rest of the world are getting improved, be it Britain, France or even India. We are doing well in education and cases of extremism and terrorism has been reduced since our government took over. World is now appreciating the efforts of current government, so we should be hopeful for the better future.

In the end, minister of state again welcomed them and said that such visits should become a regular part of the university’s curriculum.