PR No.205 Health Minister calls for support to Pak DG WHO Candidate Islamabad: January 23, 2017.

In the run up to the first round of elections to the position of Global Chief of World Health Organisation, Minister for National Health Services Saira Afzal Tarar speaking at a campaign event organised by Pakistan mission in Geneva to vote for Pakistan’s candidate based purely on her merits. Dr. Sania Nishter was the most technically qualified candidate being an eminent Public Health Specialist of international standing. Dr. Nishter had served on various UN and WHO bodies and has the insight in to how reform can be effected to revamp the organisation added the Minister. In these times where the world is hit by refugee crisis in several parts and major public health challenges, only a top public health leader can make WHO more responsive to public health events of concern.: First round of voting is being held in Geneva where a 34 member WHO Executive Board is voting to short list candidates from among the six.

: Pakistan has fielded its candidate besides five other countries for the prestigious position. A recent pre poll survey has shown Pakistan leading in the race by a wide margin.

The short listed candidates would go in to second round of elections scheduled for May 2017 wherein the next DG or global head of WHO would be elected.