PR No. 135 Islamabad

Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman attended the International Conference on intelligent Systems Engineering organized by Islamic International University as a Chief Guest today.

It is heartening to see such an international conference here in Pakistan I congratulate the entire management of Islamic International University for arranging this prestigious conference here, said the minister. Prime Minister himself wanted to attend this conference but due to his busy schedule he could not come and directed me to attend this conference. He further said that our government came with a clear vision and we adopted 4Es strategy (Extremism, Energy, Economy, and Education) and by the grace of Allah we have been able to improve each and every sector of society, be it education or energy issues.

Talking on the occasion Minister of State said that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is very important aspect of any education. We have seen that teaching our students coding and programming fundamentals have improved their cognitive ability, stated the minister. Although we should not forget the importance of humanities, arts and social sciences but driving force behind any progress lies in STEM. So we should focus more on that. He further added that science has brought revolution e.g. initially we couldn’t have thought about large storage capacity but now we talk about terra bytes instead of kilo byte or mega byte storage capacities. Look at the science of robotics, system engineering, magnetic simulation and its importance in signal processing, this is all because of science, research and engineering in particular, elaborated the minister.

In the end Minister of State said that we should be clear about our vision, there is no point in going anywhere if you don’t know your direction. He added that our vision 2025 is what we need to follow at the moment which promotes the knowledge based economy. I would again like to congratulate all the participants of the conference and looking forward to the results of this conference.

Later in the day Minister of State attended the inaugural ceremony of Learning Metrics Task Force report by Idaara e Taleem o Agaahi in collaboration with NEAS (National Education Assessment System).

It is the responsibility of the government to provide better quality education to its children, and our government is fully determined to do that, said the minister. Environment and quality of education plays an important part in enrolment rate. It was unfortunate that our institute like NEAS was dormant for 7 yrs, but after coming into power in 2013 we activated this extremely important institute. And I am glad to see that today a synergy has been created through public private partnership, in which NEAS has collaborated with Idaar e Taleem o Agahi to launch this report, admired the minister.

One of the unfortunate trends that we saw in previous years that suggestions/recommendations of such reports have been shelved but now we have given the task to publish a survey of all the recommendations and its implementations of such reports to AEPAM (Academy of education planning and management), on a continued basis. Moreover he said that we should also compare our assessments system to international level assessments as well in order to improve our system.

Talking about the state of education in Pakistan Minister of State said that education system has been improved over the last two years. And we are soon going to launch our revised National Education Policy 2016 and National Curriculum framework after the final consultation with the provinces. He also talked about the SDGs and said that we are fully determined to achieve SDGs goals. We are cognizant of the importance of SDGs as we have played our part in their formulation process with the rest of the world.

In the end Minister of State thanked Ms Baila Raza Jamil and her team and Dr Kamaluddin and his team for their efforts.