PR No.187 Islamabad: January 21, 2017

Federal Minister for Planning and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal has said that 2017 will be the year of the restoration of the PIA. He directed PIA’s senior management to develop a comprehensive two-year plan for its restoration by 26 January.

Ahsan Iqbal chaired a meeting on special committee formed by ECC to supervise reforms of PIA. Meeting was attended by Minister  Privitization Commission Ahsan Iqbal, SAPM Haroon and Tariq Bajwa. Secretary Civil Aviation Authority  made presentation before the Committee.

Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal said a  clear and shared vision, Strict adherence to Merit, focusing on Human Resource Development, Accountability, focus on core functions and customer service are essential elements to make PIA, a world class Airline.

He said It’s the last Chance for employees and management to Fix and turn around PIA because PIA can’t be allowed to become another Steel Mill. The airline has strongest fundamentals yet it has become a loss making machine due to under management and politicisation in  the past. He said without Clear Road Map and Business Model no effort will succeed . Accountability at all levels should be made compulsory, Performance be  measured Continuously.

Ahsan Iqbal said 2017 will be Year of Revival for PIA,  Financial Health  of PIA will  improve besides  improvement  on all fronts. He said  Tangible Outcomes are required and there is  need of ‘Fleet to Service’ Master Plan.

Federal Minister said a comprehensive Plan of 2 years should be made,  and initial plan should be presented by senior management by 26th January, so we can present it to the Prime Minister.

Ahsan Iqbal stressed that PIA cant be run as a government department. He said that  Loss making Routes  will be given attention, more Aircrafts will be added. Customers should be brought back by better quality of service, punctuality and reliability.