PR No.180 “Pakistan as the center of business” Senior Executives of leading international companies term Pakistan as the most investment friendly country Davos: January 20, 2017

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif participated as a chief guest in a dinner hosted by Abraaj Group of UAE at Davos. The dinner was attended by senior executives of leading international companies including City Bank, Unilever, McKinsey and others.

Senior Executives candidly spoke about the positive change brought by the present government in ease of doing business in Pakistan. They attributed the growing stock market to the investor friendly policies of the present government and significant improvement in infrastructure of Pakistan. Moreover, they also counted stability of democratic government as one of the most important reasons for the growing economy of Pakistan.

Executives clarified that companies working in Pakistan enjoyed a safe and secure working environment as opposed to the image being held abroad. Pakistan provides an opportunistic demographic mix of local markets wherein companies can invest in different sectors, stated the senior executives. Digital technologies and online marketing were also identified as sectors having huge potential for investment and growth in Pakistan.