PR No.114 Tribute to the Recently Retired / Retiring Federal Secretaries on their Meritorious Services Islamabad: January 13, 2017.

A meeting of the Secretaries’ Committee was held on 12th January, 2017 in the Committee Room of Cabinet Division, Islamabad. The meeting was Chaired by the Cabinet Secretary and attended by the serving Federal Secretaries to pay tribute to the following Federal Secretaries who have recently retired / retiring from Government service after rendering meritorious services:-


  1. Dr. Waqar Masood Khan
  2. Mr. Nadeem Ashraf
  3. Mr. Khalid Hanif
  4. Mr. Manzoor Ali Khan
  5. Mr. Muhammad Sadiq
  6. Mr. Faridullah Khan
  7. Mr. Amir M. Khan Marwat
  8. Mr. Muhammad Arif Azim
  9. Mr. S.M. Imran Gardezi


As a token o acknowledgement of their services, the salient personality traits of these officers and their contributions as public servant, were highlighted alongwith their professional competence, self-discipline and integrity. It was deserved that they acted as role models for their junior colleagues. While serving in various capacities in different Government organizations, they contributed towards national development in their respective spheres. The Secretaries Committee acknowledged their meritorious services as they will be remembered for a long time for their dedication, commitment, hardwork, uprightness, courage and integrity.