PR No.106 Islamabad: January 12, 2017

The Minister of Religious Affairs was invited by Muslim Students Organization (MSO) as guest of honor at the occasion of 16th anniversary of the institution of the organization. The event had been given the title of “Tajdeed e Ehd e Difa e Pakistan” (renewing the commitment to defend Pakistan)

Addressing the youth, the Minister of Religious Affairs, Sardar Yousuf congratulated the MSO office bearers and members at the anniversary. He commended the capabilities and enthusiasm of MSO members. He added that this organization is doing a great job in making efforts for bridging the gap between two educational streams, that is, the madrissa education and the modern education. He further stated that Allah has bestowed Pakistan on us as a gift, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure the dominance of Islam and Pakistan. He urged that without maintaining unity and solidarity, we can neither defend Pakistan nor make any progress as a nation. He said that we as a nation have diverged from the right path due to a class-based education system; and it is due to the this difference in education systems that a madrissa student and a college student do not have anything in common in so far as thinking patterns are concerned. He urged that our narrative should focus on reforming entire education system instead of reforming madrissa system. Pakistan can make progress if madrissa and modern education systems are made compatible.


The madrissas should integrate modern knowledge into their curricula whereas the education of Quran and Hadith should made available in the institutions of modern education. He explained that the ministry of religious affairs is playing a vital role in modifying and reforming curricula to which ulema / religious scholars have contributed a lot. He suggested that budgetary allocations should be made for madrissas in annual budgets on the same lines as is done for regular education institutions. Citing the saying of a religious scholar, he expressed that a society never fails unless it leaves three things: truth, justice and honesty, and that our youth must uphold theses three principles for their success.