PR No.74
Islamabad: September 08, 2021

High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan held the 8th virtual 'Khuli Katchehry' with the Pakistani diaspora in the UK on 07 September 2021. The diaspora members sought redressal of their issues regarding visas, NICOPs, POCs, passports and property matters in Pakistan. While addressing some problems instantly, he assured that the remaining issues would be taken up with the concerned authorities in Pakistan. The High Commissioner also welcomed the suggestions of the diaspora members for the improvement of the services, says a press release received here today from London. The diaspora members were particularly keen to know as to when Pakistan was going to be removed from the UK's Red List for travel. The High Commissioner said that he was in contact with the relevant UK authorities in this regard and removing Pakistan from the Red List was his priority. A large number of community members attended the virtual interaction. They appreciated the initiative of Virtual Khuli Katchehri at the Mission and termed it a useful platform for community facilitation. As per the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the virtual Khuli Katchehri is held at the High Commission every month.
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