PR No. 70 Islamabad

Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training Engr. Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman co chaired the meeting with Chairperson BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) Marvi Memon on Stakeholder consultation on attendance compliance model of Waseela e Taleem Program of BISP today.

Minister of State admired the efforts of BISP and Aurat Foundation in running this successful project of Waseela e Taleem (enrollment of 5-12yrs children in school) for four years. He said that it’s quite impressive to see that amount is directly credit to the mother’s account whose child has been enrolled in school, as to avoid any misuse of the money. He further added that we need to project such successful projects of the current government in the media.

Minister of State assured that Ministry of Federal Education would facilitate and support this program in one way or the other, as education is the collective responsibility of the federal and provincial areas of Pakistan. He also talked about the various projects/programs/initiatives taken by the government regarding education. He said that we are working on “Massive Enrollment Campaign” in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and Reforms, which would turn into “Massive Literacy Campaign” in next phase. These are our own children and we all are responsible for their well being and education, said the state minister.

Chairperson BISP briefed the State Minister about the program. WeT (Waseela e Taleem) was a 4yrs donor funded co responsibility program (Oct 2012 to Jun 2016) for the financial support of the primary education children. Each Wet child received Rs. 600 per quarter (Increased to Rs. 750/quarter). The basic purpose of the project was to create long term sustainable awareness regarding the importance of primary education, increase enrollment rate, improve school attendance and decrease dropouts. And by the grace of Allah we were able to achieve enrollment of 1 million children by the end of Dec, 2015. And we are aiming to achieve enrollment of 2 million children by the end 2016.

The real challenge is to sustain this project after July 2016 as Aurat Foundation would no more be a part of it after July 2016. Therefore active collaboration between BISP and all provincial education departments are required for attendance compliance monitoring, admission and registration, capacity building and financial issues. For that various proposals were put forward for the consultation of all the stakeholders. Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training would be playing the role of a facilitator in this program.