PR No.118
Islamabad: August 12, 2021

In a meeting with the ambassador of Portugal to Pakistan, H.E. Mr. Paulo Neves Pocinho, held on August 12, at the Board of Investment (BOI), Secretary BOI, Ms. Fareena Mazhar said that Pakistan had a liberal investment regime and there were numerous opportunities for investment in Pakistan. The Secretary, while highlighting investment opportunities available to foreign investors in Pakistan, specifically mentioned the twenty two Special Economic Zones (SEZs) throughout the country offering incentives in the realm of taxation as well as on import of machinery and plant. She further elaborated that the SEZs are not aimed to benefit any particular industry or country but encourage investors from all kinds of industries throughout the world. The ambassador was also apprised on the lucrative opportunities that can be tapped in the three recently developed SEZs: Allama Iqbal, Rashakai and Dhabeji. She also said that all the investment related information is available on BOI’s website and the application for SEZs can be submitted online through the SEZ portal. While exploring possible areas of cooperation, the Secretary drew the ambassador’s attention towards Pakistan being a top tourist destination and mentioned the countless forms of tourism available in Pakistan including cultural, religious and adventure tourism. The ambassador expressed interest in forming mechanisms for Joint Ventures between the two countries. He said that the business volume of Portugal and Pakistan is low and has room for expansion. He informed the secretary that currently Portugal is exporting machinery to Pakistan and other potential sectors of investment in Pakistan could be energy and aeronautical industries.
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