PR No.228
“Fakhar Imam says Pakistan has seen record growth of top 6 crops including wheat at approximately 27.5 Million Tonnes”
“Export of mangoes increased by 20%, Syed Fakhar Imam”
Islamabad: July 31, 2021

Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam attended and addressed a seminar organized by the ‘Chamber of Commerce of Mandi Bahauddin’. The seminar was also attended by the Provincial Minister of Punjab for Agriculture, Mr Syed Hussain Jahania Gardezi and PTI leader Nadeem Afzal Chan. While addressing the seminar Federal Minister Syed Fakhar Imam said that Prime Minister Imran has put special emphasis on agriculture as it is the backbone of majority of Pakistanis. He said that due to the efficient policy framework implemented by the current government Pakistan has seen record growth of top 6 crops including wheat at 27.5 Million Tonnes. Minister said that the policies of Prime Minister Imran Khan have started to reap fruits as the production of numerous crops have broken past records including potatoes, onion, sugar cane etc. He also said that the export of mangoes has also increase by 20% in the last year. Minister said that the import of wheat has been due to excessive hoarding and continuous population growth. He said that the only way Pakistan can emerge as a regional power is through following the progress path of countries like China, Japan and Germany. He said that agricultural research is the primary focus of the PTI government which has been neglected in the last 3 decades by various governments. The Minister said that the organic matter of land in Pakistan stands at a meagre 0.2% whereas it is more than 2% in USA and EU due to their technological advancements and scientific methods of cultivation. Syed Fakhar Imam also attended an event organized by the Numberdar Association’s Punjab Convention where he assured the association that he would strive to resolve all of their issues as he also perceives himself to be one of them.