PR No. 50 Chairperson Bisp Urges Corporate Sector To Divert Csr Activities Towards Beneficiaries Islamabad

The mandate of BISP is to manage poverty by providing financial assistance to its beneficiaries. However, corporate sector may play its role in the poverty alleviation by diverting its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities towards BISP beneficiaries with the help of database of the organization. This will assist BISP beneficiaries to graduate out of poverty and stand on their own feet. This was stated by Minister of State and Chairperson BISP, MNA Marvi Memon during her meeting with Mr. Moin ud din, Head of Corporate Strategies, Serena Hotel Islamabad, Mr. Zahir Maqbool, CEO MEP Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Shaban Khalid, Director Ittehad Steel Islamabad and Mr. Nadeem Malik, Country Manager Microsoft Islamabad.

The purpose of the meeting was to explore the avenues of cooperation between BISP and corporate sector and to set the collective targets for CSR in the fields of adult literacy, immunization and employment opportunities which will bring real change and benefit the poorest of the poor BISP beneficiaries.

Chairperson BISP said that BISP is the custodian of 5.2 million beneficiaries and is a National Socio- economic Registry (NSER) of 27 million households. Demographic Directory of BISP contains a multidimensional district-wise database of scientifically recognized poor people of the country. She added that BISP may provide the required data to the corporate firms whichever area and projects they select, out of collective targets, for their CSR activities. The cooperation between BISP and the corporate sector will help to target the real needy population of the country.

The representatives of the corporate sector appreciated this initiative of BISP and assured their cooperation by utilizing the BISP database. During the deliberations, different areas were also identified for diverting CSR activities towards collective targets for the welfare of BISP beneficiaries.