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The Director General (Awareness and Prevention) National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Aliya Rashid on Tuesday urged the youth to spread the message “Say No to Corruption” and play their role in curbing the menace of corruption from the society. She was delivering a motivational lecture to the students of Bahria University as part of campaign on awareness and prevention against corruption and proactive effort to encourage youth to identify and report corruption.

DG NAB said the nation belongs to its youth. They are the makers of tomorrow and future custodian of our country.  What they do today will reflect in the society tomorrow. To live in a society, that is corruption free, we need people with quality, of mind and thoughts. If youth comes forward to build a strong nation, our dream of a corruption free society is never far away. The passionate youth have the vigour and zeal to take the country to glory and excellence. “We can and will win the war against corruption,” she added.

Aliya Rashid talked about the various forms of corruption and how they are damaging our society and reminded the Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s words that corruption is a poison and we must put it down with iron hand. While delivering lecture she said that nation belongs to its youth. “Young people are one of the most important agents of change in the fight against corruption. Youth have the power to change the social, political and economical dynamics that underlie a resigned acceptance of bribery and other forms of corruption. It is the duty of every young person to prevent their family from corruption.

She said that the ill effects of the menace of corruption have become one of the greatest challenges that every country is confronted with. The developed countries have managed in reducing its size and scope to a minimum level through sustainable measures like building infrastructure but it is quite rampant in developing countries. In our own case, corruption and misuse of authority is the main challenge.

She said that corruption is an evil which is prohibited by all religions and we must collectively fight to destroy the cancer of corruption that eats deeper into the moral fabric of our society. Aliya Rashid said that in the anti-corruption efforts, prevention is another effective tool to combat corruption. Prevention is better than cure.

She also emphasized that women power against corruption can change the destiny of our country. Young women who are future housewives and mothers can play imperative role to prevent their family members from indulging in corruption and decrease the financial social pressures on their spouses.


Aliya Rashid said that mother, father and teacher can play a vital role in curbing corruption.

Aliya Rashid advised the female students that on the day of their marriage  they should take a pledge from their husbands that he will say “No to Corruption”.  She said that mothers have a major impact in bringing up children and their attitude and development, “Say No to Corruption” is intended to target young ladies in Universities and Colleges who are going to be future mothers of our children.

She claimed that women and children pushed their husbands and fathers to buy things such as cars, houses, mobile phones etc., just to compete with relatives or neighbours.

“It is nothing but pushing a person sitting on a wheelchair to run. As every man wants to become a hero in the eyes of his wife and children, they try to fulfill the demands of their family members by using fair and unfair means,” she said.

“If we keep hammering the word “Say No to Corruption” people will definitely help stop it,” she said.

To prove her point, Ms Aliya narrated an incident and said about two years ago she was walking in the F-9 Park when she came across four youngsters beating and abusing each other.

I started offering prayers near the youngsters. Suddenly, I felt that the fight had stopped and one of the youngsters was asking the others not to make noise and not to try to pass in front of the aunty offering prayers.”

“It happened because mothers and grandmothers tell children to keep silent and pass in front while someone is offering prayers. If we convince the mothers and grandmothers to tell their children that corruption should be stopped, it will surely work and the menace can be eradicated from society in a few years,” she claimed.

.She said NAB and Higher Education Commission (HEC) signed a memorandum of understanding to create awareness against corruption. She said over 42,000 character building societies have been established in various universities and college across the country.

While mentioning the steps taken by National Accountability Bureau to create awareness DG NAB added that Pakistan is the leading country to adopt “Say No to Corruption” logo on postal stamp, postal envelops, utility bills, CNIC carrier papers, driving licenses,  ATM Machines, Railway Tickets, Airport Screens and newspapers of Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan etc. A story book and colouring book have also been printed for children. The message “Say NO to Corruption” is also displaying in all cinema halls and  also being printed on all government tenders issued to publications in newspapers. Efforts are being made to print the message “Say No to Corruption” on cigarette packs and medicine boxes.

At the end, all the participants joined in singing the NAB song on Anti-corruption titled “Say No to Corruption” as a pledge to help build a corruption free Pakistan.