PR No. 116
Islamabad: October 14, 2020

Confidence of the consumer is always proportionate to safety and reliability of a product and this confidence can only be achieved through standardization said Mr. Abdul Aleem Memon Director General, Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA). In the Seminar of 51st World Standards Day 2020 on topic “Protecting the Planet with Standards” which was held at PSQCA Head office-Karachi organized by Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) The objective of the seminar was to promote quality standards culture in Pakistan. Mr. Abdul Aleem Memon Director General, PSQCA was the Chief Guest in the Seminar on the occasion of 51st World Standards Day. In his speech he acknowledged the fact that industrialization, standardization and economic growth grow together as without Standardization optimum growth cannot be achieved. Moreover, International Standards especially with regards to Pakistan is one single important factor that could direct/channelize the entire outlook of business. He welcomed all the guests for their presence and active participation to make this seminar success. He acknowledged the contribution of Chairmen of NSCs. He further said that the changing face of international video standards has led to single, globally acceptable technical standards for globally marketable products. At the international level, standards are becoming a pillar of the new global video system. He said that I urge Pakistani companies to remain vigilant about the latest developments of international standards and get involved with PSQCA. I am very much hopeful that Standardization with the collaborative efforts of the public and private sectors has maintained its dedication by bringing positive changes to this activity every year. After the seminar certificates were distributed by Mr. Abdul Aleem Memon Director General, PSQCA to Chairmen of NSCs in recognition of their services in formulation of standards.
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