PR No.184 Islamabad

Egyptian Ambassador Sherif Shaheen called on Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yusuf here today, to present the invitation for upcoming conference of Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs under the head of “Spreading Islamic Culture and Confrontation terrorism and Challenges”, which will be held in Cairo Egypt on March 2017.  All Islamic countries will participate in this conference.

Ministry of religious affairs and interfaith harmony will have the authority to select two Pakistani students for the Quran Qirat competition 2017 in Egypt, said ambassador. Both countries are facing same kind of problems particularly regarding terrorism ,we need to work together and in cooperation to combat this menace, the main hurdle to  cope it, is lack of information exchange between the countries, ambassador further said. Minister urged, both countries should strive to improve cooperation regarding fight against terrorism and to elevate the reputation of Islam.

We will establish Arabic short courses center in Pakistan with cooperation sheikh al Azhar University in near future, ambassador said. Minister assured the support of government and his ministry in this regard and added that these practices will capable people to understand the meaning of Quran. Minister said establishment of Arabic centers would be started from federal level first and then tries to spread it to rest of the country.

Minister also asked, to increase of quota up to 200 students to study in Egyptian university on governmental level, right now 13 students are getting their qualification there privately , We should give more and equal opportunities to students of all sects.

Both countries can enhance their relationship through bilateral cooperation, it would be beneficial for whole Muslim Ummah, minister added. We should focus on our youth, government is providing budget and assistance to facilitate modern and religious education in Madressah to have next generation with healthy mind, minister urged. With unity of Muslim Ummah can cope with challenges, facing presently specially terrorism, minister concluded.