Minister of State and Chairperson BISP MNA Marvi Memon briefed the parliamentarians of Balochistan assembly on the survey being conducted for National Socio Economic Registry (NSER) update today in Quetta.


During the briefing, Chairperson Marvi Memon stated that the ongoing survey would cover each and every corner of the country. Far flung areas of Balochistan were neglected in the 2010-11 survey conducted by the previous government. As BISP is committed to provide the deserving their due right, we would make sure that every household in Balochistan is visited by our survey teams. She added that Qilla Saifullah, Naseerabad and Kech are being covered in the pilot phase of the survey whereas the rest of the districts would be covered in national roll out of the survey starting from September 2017.


Chairperson BISP urged the parliamentarians to extend their full support to the ongoing survey so that BISP is able to register first ever dynamic NSER of the country capable of catering to changing socio economic conditions of the population. The parliamentarians appreciated BISP management on the successful ongoing pilot phase of survey for NSER update and stated that the data collected from the survey would be very helpful for the provincial government in planning and designing development projects.


Highlighting the unique features of the NSER update survey, Chairperson BISP said that to overcome data quality errors, CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviews) instead of PAPI (Paper Assisted Personal Interviews) approach has been adopted. Android application designed by BISP for data collection has in built checks and controls capable of identifying errors. Similarly, to ensure universal coverage, systematic approach has been introduced for mapping and route planning of the survey teams.


Earlier, Chairperson BISP had a meeting with the renowned poets and writers of Balochistan. The purpose of the meeting was to share ideas on the mutual collaboration between BISP and literary fraternity for better outreach of BISP. She stated that the role of poets and writers is very important in the development of a society. The Minister sought their feedback for communication strategy of BISP so that the messages of BISP are best conveyed to every area of Balochistan spreading awareness about the programme, knowledge on women rights, financial literacy and basic numeracy. She urged them to support BISP in the ongoing survey by mobilizing public and taking key messages to them.  The participants of the meeting assured the Chairperson of their full support.