PR No. 268
Islamabad: February 28, 2020

Pakistan actively participated in organizing the Asia Pacific (ASPAC) cultural evening 2020 under the theme “Celebrating Diversity” at the UNESCO Headquarter Paris, yesterday, says a press release received here today from Paris. In his welcome address, the Ambassador of Pakistan to France and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO and the incumbent chairman of ASPAC Group thanked the ASPAC member countries for actively participating and showcasing their cultural through their traditional food, folk dances and music. He said that ASPAC being the largest group of UNESCO in terms of landmass and population is also the most diverse in terms of its physical and cultural landscapes. He reiterated commitment of ASPAC member states to UNESCO’s mandate and reassured their collective and constructive role will continue to play its active role in celebrating cultural to promote global peace and stability for the wellbeing of future generations. The Deputy Director General of UNESCO, Mr. Xing Qu while highlighting the significance of ASPAC group said that the combine population of ASPAC group was 4.1 billion which makes it the largest UNESCO group in terms of cultural and social diversity. He hoped that ASPAC group would continue to play its role in celebrating cultural diversity and to pursue peace and harmony in the world. Pakistan was elected as Chairman of the ASPAC group for the year 2020 in January this year.
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