PR No. 112
Islamabad: February 13, 2020

SAPM on National Security Division, Dr. Moeed W. Yusuf chaired a meeting of Heads of International Relations Department of local universities. Academics and experts from various universities were present in the meeting. The participants were briefed on the structure and modalities of the Strategic Policy Planning Cell (SPPC) through which experts and specialists can provide input to the cell. SAPM Dr. Moeed W.Yusuf said that the Strategic Policy Planning Cell (SPPC) has been established as an independent body to bridge the gap between academia and policy makers through which they can share their research and proposals with the government. Strategic Policy Planning Cell (SPPC) is the intellectual hub for evidence based policy planning on issues relevant to the National Security Committee. These pertain primarily to various aspects of traditional, economic/financial and human security. The mainstay of SPPC is the Council of Experts consisting of think tanks, universities and independent policy experts. SAPM Dr. Moeed W. Yusuf encouraged the participants to come up with the intellectual input and undertake original research on the areas of their expertise for the Cell. He said that this is an opportunity for academics, experts and specialists to engage with the government and provide feedback, solutions and input on policy matters.
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