Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Ahsan Iqbal urged Deans of Business Schools to help Higher Education in devising higher education Vision 2025 to cater socio-economic needs of the country.


Minister expressed these views while addressing to “National Business Education Conference” at Serena earlier this morning. The event was also attended by the Deans and Head of Departments of Business Schools from all over Pakistan. The meeting stressed upon promoting business education which includes improving education and research system for consistent performance.


Minister said that education is one of the key priority areas of the government as students are one of the most important segments of our society and our future. He said that business Schools are a need of today and MBA is in great demand and Fashion as well.


He maintained that education makes society productive and If education and development are not aligned, we cannot produce what we really need.


Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal said that we are not able to synergize our investment in education. The role of business schools is very clear to compete in today’s dynamic world. Business schools need to promote positive thinking and innovation among students. Consistency is very necessary in the development of country, Ahsan Iqbal said.


Minister stressed that globalization has changed the world, we have to adopt the change in order to compete in today’s technological world.


Minister maintained that production capacity was not given much importance in the past. When the government took over in 2013, there was electricity shortage of more than 20 hours. Today, different countries are taking interest to invest in Pakistan, Ahsan Iqbal said.


“Economic change will strengthen knowledge economy and we have to make good use of it. A consortium of top Pakistani business schools was formed to engage academic sector for applied research on various industrial and business opportunities related to CPEC and make this project a real game changer”, Minister concluded.