PR No. 29
Pakistani Community In UAE Observes The Right To Self-Determination Day
Islamabad: January 05, 2020

In compliance with the decision of the Government of Pakistan to observe the 5th January 2020 as “The Right to Self-Determination Day” for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, an event was held at the Embassy of Pakistan, Abu Dhabi today in this connection. A large number of Kashmiri and Pakistani community members living in Abu Dhabi, attended the event. His Excellency Ghulam Dastgir Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE presided over the function. Special messages of the President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister on the ‘The Right to Self-Determination Day’ were read out during the event. In his address, while lauding the heroic struggle of the Kashmiri people for their right of self-determination, Ambassador Ghulam Dastgir underlined the background and importance of the day when the United Nations made a commitment on this day in 1949 to decide the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite under the UN auspices. Regrettably, this right has not yet been realized because of unabated repression and state terrorism by India in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ & amp, K). The Ambassador highlighted India’s illegal and unilateral decision of 5th August 2019 and unrestrained oppression, reaching unprecedented levels with the inhuman lock down for over 150 days. He reaffirmed Pakistan’s political, diplomatic and moral support to the valiant Kashmiri people in their just struggle for human dignity and right to self-determination. He called the international community for a peaceful settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions and aspirations of the Kashmiri people. At the end of the function, special prayers were offered for the Kashmiri martyrs and for an early resolution of the Kashmir issue in accordance with the UN resolutions and wishes of the Kashmiri people.