PR No.75 Islamabad

President Mamnoon Hussain has underlined the need to organize the system of philanthropy for effectively serving the ailing humanity so that these individual efforts are merged into collective endeavours to gain better results. The President appreciated that the tradition of philanthropy in Pakistan for serving the humanity and feelings of compassion and empathy for human beings are very strong noting that Pakistan’s position in “World Giving Index” is very high.

The President said this while addressing the launching ceremony of National Study on Individual Philanthropy organized by Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) at National University of Science & Technology (NUST) on Tuesday.

The President said that social and constructive activities in the society can be promoted only if in this matter the state and private sector enjoy confidence of each other and work shoulder to shoulder. The President emphasized that if people promote tax culture by regarding it as their duty then as a result social activities will be promoted at the Governmental level and the dream to make Pakistan a welfare state can be materialized soon.

President Mamnoon Hussain stressed the time has come that, by furthering the tradition of serving the people in the light of the teachings of Quran & Sunnah, efforts should be made to enable the deprived and marginalize segments of the country to stand on their feet and contribute in philanthropic acts instead of being on the receiving end. He added that this is possible only if the donations, charities and philanthropic activities are organized under a clear and comprehensive strategy so that the needy people could become self-sufficient by initiating small businesses with the help of financial aid.

The President underscored that public service can best be done, collectively, not individually and called for training and sensitizing the public in this regard. He said that this goal can be achieved with the help of media and other ways of communication like dialogue and contacts with the public, but it will be better if this is made part of educational curriculum so that our children are trained from the beginning in this respect.  The President called upon Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy to take a lead to this end and play a role of a bridge between the large number of social welfare organizations spread across the country to organize the system of Philanthropy.

The President said that corruption has badly stunted the country’s economic growth and called for making collective efforts to eradicate this menace.  He noted that in the past Pakistan lagged behind because of bad governance adding that things are now moving in the right direction and the country’s economy is reviving which is also being acknowledged by International Financial Institutions (IFIs). The President expressed optimism that Pakistan’s future is bright and called upon all to play their part to attain collective progress and prosperity.

The President commended PCP on launching the National Study on the topic of Individual Philanthropy and hoped that by working in the same spirit it will be able to alleviate the sufferings of the miserable and helpless people.

Mr. Zafar Ahmed Khan, Chairman, Pakistan Center for Philanthropy and Lt. Gen (R) Naweed Zaman, Rector NUST also addressed on the occasion. Chairman PCP presented the report “The State of Individual Philanthropy in Pakistan” to President Mamnoon Hussain.  The President gave away Corporate Philanthropy Awards to leading philanthropists in recognition to their social services.