The tradition to drag the constitutional institutions into politics must end as the attempts by the opposition to resort to this undesirable pursuit in the backdrop of the SC verdict on Panama case have even compelled the Chief Justice to tell Imran Khan during the hearing of a case that dissenting notes were a normal phenomenon throughout the world and nowhere so much hullaballoo was made about them as it was being done in Pakistan, which was unfair. She made these remarks while talking to different TV channels today.


She said a deliberate attempt was being made to make the SC verdict in Panama case controversial. The minister said that the judgment had been signed by all the five judges who did not grant the prayers of the petitioners and it was unequivocally mentioned that the Prime Minister could not be disqualified on the basis of the evidence that had been provided to the bench.


Marriyum observed that a campaign to malign and generate controversy about the JIT as well as the institutions from where its members would be drawn was also in the offing which also compelled ISPR to react. She remarked that it was absolutely regrettable to make such an institution controversial which was fighting against terrorism and dedicatedly pursuing operation Raddul Fasad.


She said that JIT was yet to be formed and it would complete its task within the stipulated 60 day, therefore, Imran Khan and opposition should wait for the final outcome. The Minister said that the Prime Minister had answered questions about his three generations including 40-50 years old account of his deceased father and if there were any gaps in the information already provided those would be filled during the investigation by the JIT. She said that answers to the questions were to be given by the Sharif family but it was untenable why Imran Khan and the opposition were perturbed over it?. She said Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was three-times elected Prime Minister of Pakistan and he would not resign on the demand or desire of a person or a group.


Marriyum said that Imran Khan and the opposition parties feared that if the Prime Minister managed to answer the questions of JIT satisfactorily then they would not be in a position to compete with him. She said that the Prime Minister was not only emerging triumphant in the process of accountability but was also delivering to the masses. Consequently Imran Khan would have no choice except to run away from the country, she concluded.