PR No. 192 Islamabad: April 22, 2017

Adviser to Prime Minister on Aviation Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan said the Pakistan furniture industry had a great potential and Pakistani Furniture manufacturers, designers and workers have proved their talent internationally. He said there is a need to enhance their capacity as per the demands of the modern era so that they can compete across the world.

He was talking to media during his visit to 7th Interiors Pakistan Exhibition organized by Pakistan Furniture Council here in Islamabad on Saturday.

He said the exhibition would promote furniture and associated products made in Pakistan at local and international level. He said Interiors Pakistan was a step towards initiating international trade and to enhance the possibility to participate in international exhibitions as a collaborative industry from Pakistan. Sardar Mahtab appreciated the efforts of Pakistan Furniture Council and his Chairman Mian Ashfaq for organizing such a mega exhibition and hoped that such activities would promote the furniture related trade activities. Adviser said government should provide all relevant supports that would enable the local furniture manufacturers to not only cater to the furniture demands in the country and also increase its production to export level.

He said that there is a need to devise a comprehensive strategy to promote the industry on commercial basis which will not only support the manufactures but also increase our export across the world. He said good working environment will enhance the capacity of our workers enabling them to compete internationally. He said to promote the export; Pakistan International Airline will also play their due role and will support the exporters adding that he will talk to Minister for Commerce and Trade in this regard.

Sardar Mahtab said this exhibition would also provide the designers and architects to see the market trends and display their own work added that this will create a space for furniture industry promotion across the country. He said furniture exhibition will groom local producers to access the international markets. He said the Pakistani furniture industry has a potential and it could contribute significantly to increase the GDP. He added the exhibition promotes the furniture and associated products made in Pakistan and groom local producers to access the international markets. Leading furniture companies and interior designers displayed their products in the exhibition.