PR No. 138 “Following cluster based approach, in the next 5 years, Pakistan can be recognised as a leading Export Nation” -Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal Islamabad, April 14, 2017

Minister Iqbal said, ” Following cluster based approach, we can create value added economy to give boost to our exports. Pakistan’s agriculture is backbone of our economy but producing much lower than world averages. If we increase our production to world average yield, our exports can increase by $20 billions. In next five years, we hope to see a robust export sector as a result of cluster based development approach. He was chairing meeting on “Cluster Development based Agriculture Transformation Plan Vision 2025?. Minister Iqbal directed to undertake a strategic review of agriculture sector to identify Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats. Minister Iqbal noted that value addition is not happening at different stages of Agricultural Processes due to lack of research & innovation.


Minister Iqbal stressed that Pakistan must leverage the comparative advantage it holds in the Agricultural sector to capture the major share of global agricultural demand.


Minister Iqbal directed experts to Cluster Profile different stages of agriculture sector value chains: research, production, marketing and logistics.


Minister Iqbal stressed to adopt the best global practices around the world to uplift the productivity of the Agriculture Sector of Pakistan. Minister Iqbal noted that a thriving agricultural sector can still contribute towards a large share of exports and can help Pakistan become a leading export oriented economy.