The briefing

Courtesy By Dr Farrukh Saleem 2014-01-05

On January 1, the minister for finance, revenue, economic affairs, statistics and privatisation gave a two-hour presentation to the PM, cabinet members and the media. The good news... Read More

Restructuring, reforming and reviving the Planning Commission

Courtesy By Professor Ahsan Iqbal 2014-01-01

Pakistan’s road to development has proven to be a turbulent one. While the changing nature of the global political economy has been a key factor in determining the scope of econo... Read More

Frugality at the expense of national image

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2013-12-30

Traditional diplomacy has its own advantages and efficacy but it cannot match the power of public diplomacy, conducted through the media, in changing the perceptions and attitudes ... Read More

Six Months of PML-N Government

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2013-11-18

In view of the formidable, intractable, convoluted and debilitating challenges inherited by the PML (N) government, six months are perhaps too short a span of time to judge its ach... Read More

Rolling the ball in the right direction

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2013-11-04

According to press reports, a former Ins­p­ector General Police of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Malik Naveed who is under custody of NAB and being investigated for filching Rs.1.8 billion... Read More

Economic outlook

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2013-11-01

The government is on track with regards to the energy situation and hopefully the country will wade through the energy shortages within the next five years.Managing an economy is t... Read More

Justice for all Print

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2013-10-01

The International Judicial ConferenceJustice ensures peace, harmony, tranquility, progress and rule of law in a society, lack of which leads to chaos, upheavals and disharmony whic... Read More

A new beginning?

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2013-09-01

The vision about regional peace and shared economic prosperity expounded by  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif—premised on settlement of all disputes with India including Kashmir ... Read More

Nobody wants drones but…

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2013-08-01

The US may have no other choice but to use themThe PTI and its allies, as announced by Imran Khan, staged a sit-in on Ring Road, Peshawar, on Saturday to block the NATO supplies. T... Read More

Encouraging portents for Pakistan

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2013-07-01

After a decade long confrontation between Iran and World powers supported by Germany over former’s nuclear weapons programme— that witnessed repeated failure of the diplomatic ... Read More