TAPI- Regaining focus

Courtesy By Tariq Osman Hyder 2015-05-18

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will visit Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan from 20 to 22 May. Regional energy connectivity lies at the heart of Pakistan’s strategic interests in Central ... Read More

Economy rebound

Courtesy By MALIK MUHAMMAD ASHRAF 2015-05-11

Is Pakistan on track to becoming the promised Asian Tiger?In a striking contrast to the situation two years ago the buzzword among the world lending institutions, international eva... Read More

The quest for peace

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2015-05-11

The visit of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and COAS General Raheel Sharif to Afghanistan on Tuesday, has a great significance in regards to the consolidation of the gains of coop... Read More

Commemorating Martyrs’ Day

Courtesy By Mohammad Jamil 2015-04-27

Martyrs’ Day will be commemorated to pay tributes to the martyrs of the Pakistan Armed Forces that rendered great sacrifices in defence of the motherland and also fighting terror... Read More

Welcome, President Xi Jinping

Courtesy By SYED ALI NAWAZ GILANI 2015-04-20

The Chinese President His Excellency Mr Xi Jinping is arriving today on a state visit to Pakistan after taking over the office of President of the People’s Republic of China on M... Read More

PM adopts a saner route

Courtesy By S Rahman 2015-04-06

Although every government elected on the basis of popular vote possesses the inherent authority to make action plans according to changing situations and exigencies on the internal... Read More

Chinese humanitarian relief campaign

Courtesy By S M Hali 2015-04-01

China’s evacuation project may be its maiden humanitarian relief mission for future efforts to aid mankind in the face of indomitable odds, depicting China’s willingness and ca... Read More

Pakistan, China enjoy long-term relations

Courtesy By Maiza Hameed 2015-03-30

“Deeper than the deepest sea, higher than Himalayas and sweeter than honey” the preceding phrase is generally used to highlight the closeness and intimacy of Pak-China relation... Read More

A concerned member of global fraternity

Courtesy By S Rahman 2015-03-23

Acting like a responsible state and a concerned member of global fraternity, Pakistan has taken timely, effective steps to extricate its citizens from war-torn Yemen and simultaneo... Read More

Infusing energy into Pakistan

Courtesy By S M Hali 2015-03-16

The 21st century will be the harbinger of prosperity to the continent under the guardianship of China as the century of AsiaWhile addressing the Pakistan-China Media Forum on the 2... Read More

Terrorism and NISP

Courtesy By MALIK MUHAMMAD ASHRAF 2015-03-02

Staying the courseTerrorism is the ultimate escalation of political violence with characteristics of ethnic, economic violence and religious extremism. Sometimes the lines between ... Read More

Economic growth belies unwanted criticism

Courtesy By S RAHMAN 2015-02-23

Rebuilding a tattered economy is an uphill task and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s economic team led by Federal Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar must be commended for achieving this... Read More

Budget and the economy

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2015-01-06

The National Assembly, after a two-week long debate, passed the Rs.4.3 trillion budget for 2015-16 on Tuesday, giving it a legal cover. Managing an economy and preparation of budge... Read More

Privatization and economic necessity

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2014-12-01

It is estimated that State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) are collectively incurring an annual loss of between Rs.400-500 billion; more than 25% of the total revenue receipts of the gove... Read More

PM’s wise view of security

Courtesy By S Rahman 2014-04-07

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has rightly opined that the state cannot survive if the constitutional order was not respected and the rule of law not enforced.These views of ... Read More

Privatization of Ailing SOEs

Courtesy By TILA KHAN 2014-03-10

The economy of Pakistan has been through many phases over the last 67 years of its existence. While there have been long periods of recession, there were times when the countr... Read More

The IMF conundrum

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2014-02-17

Beginning from 1958 till today almost all the governments in Pakistan have sought IMF loans under various arrangements to bolster balance of payment position and to meet other fina... Read More

Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Courtesy By Syed Mohammad Ali 2014-02-03

For more than three decades, Pakistan has been home to one of the world’s largest refugee communities due to multiple waves of Afghans crossing over the porous international bord... Read More

Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif Visit to Baluchistan

Courtesy By Unknown 2014-01-30

The Prime minster visited Quetta on 30 January to assess the situation and confer with provincial leadership on ways and means for bringing about necessary improvements in this res... Read More

PM firm about terror-free Pakistan

Courtesy By S Rahman 2014-01-20

Pakistan of today is an exception to the rule in the area of inter-institution understanding as all the pivotal pillars of the state stand in complete harmony with one another, at ... Read More