SCO comes of Age

Courtesy By K. Iqbal 2016-02-03

President Vladimir Putin opened the 2015 Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit by announcing the acceptance of Pakistan and India as members. He said Belarus would obtain ... Read More

The real threat

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2016-02-02

IS is a bigger problem than all othersThe Islamic state or Daesh is a collection of Sunni insurgent groups formed in 2006, the responsibility of whose emergence, according to a pro... Read More

A sadistic narrative

Courtesy By Aziz Ali Dad 2016-02-01

Reacting to news about the plan to convert Gilgit-Baltistan into a province of Pakistan, Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed and President Sardar Mohammad Yaqoob Khan of Azad Jamm... Read More

Withholding tax conundrum

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2016-02-01

Governments all over the world impose taxes to raise revenues to be able to incur expenditures on development and strengthening the economy, through a sustainable process of growth... Read More

Govt doing well in Balochistan

Courtesy By S Rahman 2016-02-01

Implementation and good, pragmatic prioritisation are the salient features of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government as can be evidenced every now and then in the form of developm... Read More

Pakistan’s economy

Courtesy By Malik M Ashraf 2016-01-18

Managing an economy like Pakistan’s is probably the most excruciating and convoluted responsibility. When the PML-N government was installed in May 2013, the economy of the count... Read More

Pakistan joins prestigious club

Courtesy By Malik M Ashraf 2016-01-12

During the visit to Sri Lanka by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif an agreement for the sale of eight combat JF-17 Thunder aircraft to Sri Lanka was signed between the two countries, wit... Read More

CPEC and Balochistan

Courtesy By MALIK MUHAMMAD ASHRAF 2016-01-04

A boulevard of progress and developmentNeedless to emphasise that CPEC presents a historic opportunity to change economic profile of Pakistan and the economic situations of its tee... Read More


Courtesy By WAHEED HAMID 2016-01-04

The new century brought challenges created by non-state actors and Pakistan falls in that part of the world which had to face maximum fallout of war on terror. Fata, Karachi and Ba... Read More

Political expediencies and national interests

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2016-01-02

There is an ongoing stalemate between the federal and Sindh government on the extension in the mandate of the Rangers in Karachi. The latter has claimed that the two-month extensio... Read More

Corruption on the decline

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2016-01-02

Corruption is generally defined as misuse of entrusted power or authority by the elected politicians or appointed civil servants for private gains. It usually entails embezzlement ... Read More

PML-N govt overcomes challenges

Courtesy By S Rahman 2016-01-01

PML-N government has passed through the mill and met challenges coming its way one after the other with unprecedented perseverance, sagacity, political will and determination with ... Read More

LNG deal: A welcome development

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2016-01-01

The much awaited and badly needed LNG deal with Qatar has finally been clinched and an agreement to this effect was signed between the two countries during the visit of Prime Minis... Read More


Courtesy By Malik M Ashraf 2016-01-01

Punjab Assembly has unanimously passed a legislation known as The Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act 2016 which aims at discouraging and preventing domestic violence a... Read More

Foreign policy and its imperatives

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2015-07-01

Management of foreign relations is the most arduous and complex task in view of the fact that the countries of the world have divergent national interests and foreign policy object... Read More

Pakistan’s aeronautics on the world map

Courtesy By FARHAT ALI 2015-06-15

Pakistan’s stealth and beaming JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft roared over the skies of Paris, exhibiting spectacular aerial aerobics, manned by world’s best acknowledged Pakist... Read More

A new era of modern transport begins

Courtesy By Ather Ali Khan 2015-06-08

By the grace of Almighty, all criticism, skepticism, adverse statements, doubts, propaganda, delaying tactics, physical hardships and other such hindrances have failed to obstruct ... Read More

Benefits of Modern Transport System

Courtesy By Malik M Ashraf 2015-06-02

MEANS of communication and transportation are universally regarded as essential ingredients of economic progress, social integration and indispensable tools of public facilitation.... Read More

Towards Central Asia

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2015-05-25

The recently concluded visits of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan show the recalibrated vision of the PML-N government to build regional linkages for shar... Read More

TAPI- Regaining focus

Courtesy By Tariq Osman Hyder 2015-05-18

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will visit Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan from 20 to 22 May. Regional energy connectivity lies at the heart of Pakistan’s strategic interests in Central ... Read More