Digital Media Wing (DMW)

The Digital Media Wing (DMW) is working as a strategic unit of Government of Pakistan to effectively counter the fake/libelous news and highlight the development agenda of the Government. It will disseminate results-oriented digital media content, videos, animations, info-graphics, information and authentic updates from Government of Pakistan, Federal Ministries and Prime Minister’s office social media assets.

DMW is committed to revolutionize how media is consumed in Pakistan. It will maintain a data-driven, growth-oriented team to further the interests of the State of Pakistan locally and internationally. It will strengthen the government of Pakistan for the 21st century with robust, authentic and high-quality online communication platforms.

DMW will also be responsible for curating the digital content for official social media assets of government of Pakistan on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. It will also be organizing and verifying social media accounts of all federal government ministries and will be enhancing their digital media presence.

DMW is also working on capacity building of Federal Ministries on Digital Media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. DMW team is in direct coordination with PROs and covers daily important press conferences, activities, meetings and events of Federal Ministers on Digital Media. It also covers and creates content for activities, press-conferences, updates and information coming from Federal Minister of Information & Broadcasting.

DMW also creates content and manages digital media assets of Prime Minister’s office on social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

DMW Officials:
1. Dr. Arslan Khalid (Profile)