Fall in corruption index

Courtesy By Malik M Ashraf 2017-01-31

The Transparency International in its fourth consecutive annual report has indicated fall in corruption index in Pakistan. Since 2013 corruption has declined by 19 points with bigg... Read More

The Indus Water Treaty and the World Bank

Courtesy By MALIK MUHAMMAD ASHRAF 2016-12-28

Pakistan and India have been involved in intractable discussions to resolve the dispute regarding construction of two hydro electric power plants namely Kishenganga and Ralte being... Read More

CPEC harbinger of regional connectivity

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2016-12-02

Regional connectivity and development of the required infrastructure through cooperative efforts of the participating countries for shared economic prosperity is a visionary concep... Read More

CPEC becomes operational

Courtesy By Malik M Ashraf 2016-11-15

WITH the formal inauguration of Gwadar port by the Prime Minister on Saturday that also coincided with shipment of the Chinese trade cargo for Middle East and African countries, CP... Read More

Pak stance on Kashmir vindicated

Courtesy By Malik M Ashraf 2016-10-23

In the backdrop of killing of more than eighty people by the Indian forces in the Occupied Kashmir and the blatant violation of human rights for well over a month, Pakistan has lau... Read More

Pakistan-China defence and economic ties

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2016-10-14

The relations between Pakistan and China are beyond the realm of normal diplomatic ties, and no terminology in the diplomatic parlance can really explain the nature of these bonds.... Read More

The Quetta attack and its aftermath

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2016-10-12

The suicide attack in Quetta on Monday, which claimed more than 70 lives, mostly lawyers, was the deadliest attack after the Karsaz tragedy of 2007 and the APS carnage in December ... Read More

Kashmir dispute and Pakistan

Courtesy By Malik M Ashraf 2016-10-02

Indian insistence that Kashmir is its integral part, is not only the most preposterous contention but also constitutes an affront to the world community and the UN whose 23 resolut... Read More

Regional linkages and shared prosperity

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2016-09-02

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) arguably is the pivot of the Chinese One Road One Belt initiative, which envisages not only the revival of the centuries’ old Silk Roa... Read More

Significance of AJK poll results

Courtesy By Malik M Ashraf 2016-07-26

The PML (N) has made a clean sweep in the AJK polls by clinching 32 seats out of 41 directly contested seats, contrary to pre-poll assessments of political commentators and the pro... Read More

The inhuman humanity

Courtesy By MALIK MUHAMMAD ASHRAF 2016-07-21

Attention global humanitarians: this is not just a territorial dispute What goes on in Kashmir with the acquiescence and criminal tolerance of the so-called civilise... Read More


Courtesy By Malik M Ashraf 2016-06-07

WHILE it is hard to take an issue with the government claims that over the last three years the economy has been revived and all the economic indicators reflect positive trends and... Read More

Budget 2017-2018: an anodyne view

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2016-06-01

Preparing a budget and selling it to the public, more so to political opponents, is an arduous undertaking even in the most affluent and developed countries, particularly when it... Read More

Celebrating enviable ties

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2016-05-24

Relations between Pakistan and China turned 65 on May 21, 2016. To commemorate the 65th anniversary of their ties in a befitting manner, the two countries have chalked out a weeklo... Read More

CASA-1000: Another PML-N govt milestone

Courtesy By S Rahman 2016-05-17

Undeterred by any-justified or unjustified-difficulty coming in the way, Nawaz Sharif government has made it a point to continue taking forward steps in the direction of strengthen... Read More

Pakistan and China

Courtesy By MALIK MUHAMMAD ASHRAF 2016-05-12

Celebrating a multi faceted and enduring friendshipThe longstanding diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China established on 21 May 1951-in the wake of Mao Tse Tung’s take ... Read More

In the name of accountability?

Courtesy By Malik M Ashraf 2016-04-26

Corruption is generally defined as misuse of entrusted power or authority by the rulers or appointed civil servants for private gains. It usually entails embezzlement of funds, nep... Read More

Panama Papers — facts

Courtesy By S Rahman 2016-04-12

There is some uproar in the media about the so-called Panama Papers that revolve around the offshore companies that are being painted as property of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and... Read More

Pak-Iran relations

Courtesy By Malik Muhammad Ashraf 2016-04-05

The two-day visit to Pakistan by Iranian President Dr Hassan Rouhani was very significant because of the emerging geopolitical situation in the region. Opportunities have opened up... Read More

The war against terrorism

Courtesy By Malik M Ashraf 2016-02-12

Whenever terrorists carry out acts of ultimate bestiality like the attacks on APS Peshawar and the Bacha Khan University, they invariably cause a deep sense of grief.The natural re... Read More